The North Carolina Preaching Festival engages clergy in the excellence of preaching and nurturing excitement for the work of proclaiming the word.

This three-day festival will draw in pastors planted in local congregations, who understand the weekly challenges and blessing of nurturing "the preaching life" and speaking to a particular people.

"Holy Father, watch over them in your name, the name you gave me, that they will be one just as we are one... I've given them the glory that you gave me so that they can be one just as we are one. I'm in them and you are in me so that they will be made perfectly one."

John 17:11, 22-3 CEB


Unity and one-ness are core tenets of our faith, laced throughout all of Scripture. The truth of unity is one we hold central to our faith.

And yet it is a reality that we struggle to see in the midst of so many divisive issues ongoing in the life of the church and the world.

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This year's preachers will be helping us to unpack the truths of one-ness. Whether it is maintaining unity in a multi-site congregation, equipping a diverse congregation to have conversations about human sexuality or race, or working with communities around conflict and division, these preachers will speak to practices and visions of unity, that we might be one just as Trinity is one.

With this vision in mind, our festival this year will explore the possibilities for unity:

One with God.
One with each other.
One with the world.


An Academy for Leadership Excellence event...

The Academy for Leadership Excellence was born out of a God-inspired vision of some United Methodist laity who believed that the ministry effectiveness of congregations is influenced by the level of leadership effectiveness of their clergy and lay leadership.  The founding of the Academy was, therefore, motivated by the strategy of investing in the development, and equipping and nurturing, of effective, Christ-centered servant leaders.  This would enable local churches to more effectively reach out in Christian ministry within their local communities and to the wider world in the name of Jesus Christ.

The founders recognized that divinity schools equip clergy with theological and theoretical leadership skills, but often not with the practical skill sets required for local church leadership.  Thus, the focus of the Academy is on the development of practical leadership skill sets such as how to handle conflict, how to build strong ministry teams, self-awareness, and how to navigate transitions and change.  At heart, the Academy is not an organization or institution, but a leadership transformational movement of spiritual renewal.

The Academy vision is ecumenical, and programs are open to all denominations.  Often, the Academy partners not only with other church groups investing in leadership development, but also with business, political, educational, governmental, and community groups committed to investing in the development of effective leaders.  In fact, faculty members of the Academy Leadership Fellows Program are drawn from universities and business coaching and mentoring services, as well as church leaders.

Visit the Academy here for more information on fellowships and future events.