Hospitality of Preaching - How preaching in diverse places among diverse people can create a place of belonging.  (Audrey Warren)   

 Preaching Where you Live, Work, and Play - Embracing and adapting to the community in which one is sent to preach. (Juan Huertas)

 From Scribble to Script - Ways, places, spaces, experiences that allow the sermon to evolve from scribble to final script. (Tom Berlin)

 Preaching as in Dialogue with Congregation - When the sermon is an actual, interactive dialogue with the congregation and preacher. (Brian Combs)  

 Keeping the Preaching Task Fresh, Lively, and Relevant - Practices that keep the preacher current, contextual, curious, passionate, and faithful. (Eric Huffman)

 Staying Spiritually Fresh/Cultivating a Life and Discipline for Vital Preaching - Rhythms that restore, renew, deepen the preacher for a fresh and life-giving word from the Lord. (Tiffany Knowlin)

 Extending the Sermon into the Week – How to give your sermon “reach” outside of Sunday morning, reframing content for blogs, podcasts, videos and social media posts. (Dan Wunderlich)